Flow Control Bulgaria

is an innovative company with a vision for the future and for reaching its corporate strategic goals. Our company has a stable experience of more than 15 years in the market.


Our mission is to be a preferred business partner for our clients as a supplier of industrial valves, pipes & fittings, protective equipment, offering well-balanced lines of high-quality products and services to meet any technological requirement. From the perspective of carefully selected options, we present and implement the most sophisticated technologies.

Strategic partnerships

FLOW CONTROL BULGARIA Ltd. has developed a core competence in the sector through strategic analysis and close cooperation with clients and partners. It employs the latest technology through strategic partnerships and joint projects with international companies. We provide our customers with a unique combination of the best European technologies and knowledge of the Bulgarian market and commercial abilities.

Flow Control Bulgaria is an exclusive representative of the following companies on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:

JAFAR, Poland

JAFAR specializes in the production of industrial valves with more than 50 years of experience. At present, they are the largest valve manufacturers in Poland, with about 70% of JAFAR’s output being for export.

IDROTHERM2000, Italy

IDROTHERM2000 is a company with established experience in the production of plastic pipes with more than 30 years of experience and established market positions resulting from the excellent know-how of the company. They are manufacturers of pipes for water supply, sewerage, drainage, irrigation, biogas, cable protection, hot water, and industrial solutions. They also produce PE1OO RC water pipes and have the PAS 1075 certificate issued by DIN CERTCO. IDROTHERM200 is the first and only pipe producer in Europe of size f1200.

TERAPLAST, France, Romania

TeraPlast produces medium and high-density polyethylene pipes (PE80 and PE100) in a range of diameters from F20 to F630 mm. The pipes are designed for water and gas transmission, cable protection, drainage, chemical transfer, irrigation, and others. Recently, Teraplast incorporated into its product range also PE100RC polyethylene (resistant to crack) pipes.

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